[mpd-devel] Request for GPL source code of DMS-500_v1.30.9_20170802.zip

Max Kellermann max at blarg.de
Thu Jan 25 22:58:42 CET 2018

Dear sir or madan,

I downloaded

That image contains a copy of the Music Player Daemon, of which I am a
copyright holder.

However, what I could not find is a written offer to provide the
source code of these binaries.  Please note that this is required
according to the terms of the GPLv2 section 3.  Which means that your
product violates my copyright.

I assume that not complying part of the GPLv2 was an oversight, and I
can easily forgive that.

What do I insist is that you provide the full source code of the Music
Player Daemon binary, including all the (shared) libraries that are
linked to it.

Note that failure to provide the full source code of both files
constitutes a serious copyright violation.  Additionally, it will
terminate your license according to GPLv2 section 4, rendering all of
your products containing my copyrighted software illegal.

I expect to receive the full source code and full GPL compliance
within two seeks, that is until Feburary 8th 2018.

Max Kellermann

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